Carolyn King Member of the Year Award


Carolyn King joined EWGA  ( now LPGA Amateurs ) in 2003 and always supported this chapter by volunteering, by funding events and of course by playing golf.  She loved golf and after retirement she played a lot more golf.  Carolyn died in December 2014 from cancer.

Carolyn’s true passion was evidenced throughout her life by her commitment of time, expertise and financial support to a number of causes and organizations, most notably those involving preservation of the natural environment, protection of wildlife, and advocacy on behalf of animals and those less fortunate then herself. 

From Carolyn herself, “I am really blessed.  I came from modest circumstances.  I feel like I have been fortunate to make the money I have and I feel I have an obligation to bless others.  Count your blessings.  Because you are blessed, then you should bless others.

Each year our chapter gives a “member of the year” award for participation.  Starting this year we are naming this award “The Carolyn King Member of the Year Award,”  in her honor 
The member of the year is given to the member with the most participation points for volunteering and participating in chapter sponsored social and golf events.


Past Winners:

2012 – Elaine Story

            Martha Graves (Volunteer Award)    

2013 – Vicki Changet

2014 – Bettye Anne Shratter

            Vicki Changet (Membership Award)

2015 – Sylvia Sumners

2016 – Sylvia Sumners

2017 – Kim Jones

2018 – Jane McGriff