Helen Brothers Spirit Award

About Helen Brothers

In 2002, Dora Brandt announced that the Chapter was establishing a new award, the Helen Brothers Spirit Award, to be given each year to a member who exhibited Helen's love of golf. Helen loved to play golf, and always had a smile and a cheerful outlook, whether she hit a perfect long drive down the middle of the fairway, or shanked it into the water. In August of 2002, Helen suffered a stroke or heart attack, the doctors aren't sure which, and she passed away in 2004.   

Once Helen’s daughters were grown and she took up golf, she would mark golf dates on her calendar and everyone in the family knew that she was not available to babysit grandchildren or attend birthday parties or anything else on those days!  

Helen had a challenge which most of us do not have.  One of her legs was a good two inches shorter than the other so she had to wear special shoes.  This never affected her spirit, her love of golf or her desire to play golf.  She was a great example for all of us and everyone loved playing with Helen.


Helen Brothers Award Winners:

2002 – Susie Watterson
2003 – Cherry Smith
2004 – Karen Smitherman
2005 – Dora Brandt
2006 – Nancy Hess
2007 – Debbie Ramseur
2008 – Terri Henderson
2009 – Sylvia Sumners
2010 – Bettye Anne Shratter
2011 – Carol White
2012 – Jane McGriff    
2013 – Vicki Changet
2014 -- Carolyn King
2015 -- Bobbie Markham
2016 -- Kim Jones
2017 -- Nancy Brooks
2018 -- Madge Gregg